J. Caruso (John Caruso) is a singer songwriter, multi instrumentalist and record producer in New York- continuing to write and release new music.

Music runs deep in the Caruso  family. j.'s father, grandfather and more were pro musicians. his cousin is a pro DJ. j.'s grandfather owned and ran a record store in the 1960s. j. is a life long drummer/ percussionist, guitarist  since age fourteen and has  always been a singer. At fifteen he started composing music. After playing in several bands he has been a solo artist since 2012. j. has  a knack for good sound, dedicated to his  craft and has  fun with it. he's  played the Southern California circuit, has toured the U.S. east coast, played CBGB and The Whisky. 

j. is finishing up his  second solo studio album that will be followed by an independent tour. Contact him: Check out the records on iTunes and sign up for the newsletter