Prior to J. Caruso’s first solo release he was vocalist, guitarist and composer for the Alternative Rock trio Wired and drummer/ percussionist for the AmericanaRoots Rock outfit Jackson Ridge Rodeo. 
His father, grandfather and more were pro musicians/ music merchants- with cousin Frank currently a pro DJ. J.’s grandfather John ran the Caruso Music Center record store in the 1960s and 70s. 
J. is a life long drummer/ percussionist/ vocalist, a guitarist since age fourteen and at fifteen started composing. He later began producing and engineering records after studying Music Industry & Tech at Mercy College in New York. In 2012 he chose to become solo and launched his own label with it- Big Head Music Group. J. has played both the New York and Southern California circuits, has toured the U.S. east coast and played CBGB and The Whisky. 
He performs drums and percussion fusion with Frank at select shows while completing his second solo studio record- that will be followed by an independent tour. He performs all instruments and programming- writing, recording and producing at home in New York. Contact him: Check out his records on streaming and sign up for the J. Caruso newsletter